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                                        The Deaf Musician
Bethoven worked very hard to become a great musician, but on his 28th he became deaf and it made him in despaired. Then he went to a country to tell his brother about his depression. Gradually he had his courage to write music. Finally he really became an amazing deaf musician.
50 word

The Deaf Musician
Bethoven was a determined musician. He became deaf at his 28th.He was in despaired and went to Heiligenstad to write a death letter. He encouraged himself to write music. He successfully became an outstanding musician.
36 word (diamond)

was                  a
determined musician, at
his       28th,    he      became
deaf      and     despaired,    so    he
went     to     Heiligenstad   and     wrote a
death letter. He encouraged himself
to     write      music.      Finally
he successfully became
an outstanding

1 word : Determination.


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