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Using Enjoyment Activity to increase Young Learners Motivation to English

We all know that English is the international languange so English becomes an important language in some countries, especially in Indonesia. Many parents want to teach their children to learn English from an early age. It is not easy to teach English to young learners because they still like to play. Even  some young learners assume that English is a difficult language. So they feel lazy to learn it.  At an early age, we need to teach the basic English at first, such as alphabet, numbers, colors, and also conversations simple and easy. Besides, the young learners also need to be given a medium to facilitate them so that they are more focused on learning. Therefore, we necessary use several methods that it can help them to learn English easily.
 The most importance method is we can apply it through songs. We need to pick songs that fit to develop English so its song election should not be arbitrary. For example, the songs that are commonly used is a song about the alphabet, numbers, colors, days, and so on. If we sing a song about the alphabet, the song will help children to spell and read the text in the English support. The young learners will also feel comfortable by the song because the song did not give a sense of boredom but instead provide the knowledge they can use. The second prominent method is the teaching English by using games. The games are meant here not only the games that are often played by children through computers but games are often  used in schools. For example: action games, board game, vocab game, and etc. When the young learners are playing the games, the circumstances of the child's brain is being quiet because she was happy and cheerful so the lessons can go in and embedded easily and well. The least point  is the learning English by using stories. We can provide the interesting stories, such as short stories for children , fables , fairy tales, and folktales. The young learners choose the stories that they like so it helps them to understand the content of the stories. Besides, they prefer to read the story books that it has good pictures.
                   If we use the methods to the young learners , they can get some positive effects to increase their English. For one thing,  it will help their interest to learn English because the young learners actually prefer to play with their friends so their interest become less than the maximum toward the learning English. Besides, they feel happy, not bored, and interested in participating in the learning process. For example, in the learning English by the using songs, it functions more as a play activity of the learning activity or delivery of messages. The song can give satisfaction, joy, and happiness to children so that they can encourage their children to study harder. The next prominent thing is comprehension. The methods facilitate the young learners in understanding the teaching materials that are presented. The young learners will more quickly learn, master, and practice a teaching material delivered by educators. In addition to the young learners’ ability to hear (listening), singing (singing), creativity (being creative) can be trained through this activity because from the methods there is an element of visual and audio interactive but also makes the students can interact with the game program on a subject. An example is the Quiz game. The last thing is the success of the process of learning English. If the young learners have good interest and understanding in the learning English, they will be successful to increase their English. Besides, the methods will make the young learners more productive. It lead to a positive thing so it can increase the love and appreciation of the young learners toward science and the search process of science itself.
                   The methods have the some similarities in presentation. First of all, they use vocabularies to teach English easily. The young learners will study and get new vocabularies that they have not learned. The young learners are not necessary memorizing all of the vocabularies in English because it all have been combined in the methods. Another similarity is the media. The methods typically use electronic media, such as a computer or laptop, CD player and etc because in this era of globalization, the media have evolved into more sophisticated media so that it displays features that attract more children to learn English. Moreover, the electronic media make it easier for teachers to teach lessons. The young children will not get bored or lazy and they will quickly understand the English language.
                   Based on the methods of the teaching English that have been described above, the method of the learning English support by using songs and games, is expected to English teachers can choose a suitable method for their students as described in the previous paragraph so there is no misunderstanding of the English language lessons . It will develop a child's motivation in English. The young learners will focus to learn English. In the learning English by using the song can also be used by parents who want their children to clever in the English language. The parents that have the English ability, can use the method through songs.

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actually english is spoken throughout the world because it is one of the most important languages and alot of countries make thier students learn it.

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English is the best language on the planet since it has words to portray each possible thing despite the fact that it has acquired a considerable measure from different dialects. English is in itself a global language in view of such obtaining other than obviously the most elevated universal speakers. My Essay writers wish all nations changed to this language as opposed to being etymologically disciple to their native language. An excessive amount of affection for the mother I think and consequently love of country and mother dialects even in current world.

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