Hissha stands for Hearty, Intelligent, Scrupulous, Sophisticated, Hilarious, and Art-minded. Hissha is from Japanese means writer. Paragraph Writing Class - English Learning and Teaching 2012 - State University of Malang

    Most of people know that I am a student of Malang University, but they probably do not know the story behind it. To be a student of Malang University, I had to pass a long journey. I was born on September 02, 1992 in a small village of Kediri. I used to dream to be a university student. In 1999, I entered an elementary school and no special thing that I had. I was an ordinary student. I did never have any achievement from my teacher until I graduated from elementary school. In 2006, I enrolled junior high school. At the second grade of my junior high school became a place where I began to dream to be a student of well-known university. Unfortunately, that kind of high dream was not completed by my good mark. In other wise, I never threw my dream away. I tried many things to improve my ability. In 2008, I took a course and studied hard. As a result, I could graduate from the junior high school with good marks. In 2009, I enrolled in a famous Islamic senior high school Kediri. In the first grade of my senior high school, I passed day by day with high spirit. I was used to studying almost every day at that time. Besides, I had many problems. I began to fall in love, even I was broken by it. I had a problem with my friends, my teachers, even my parents, but no one could change my dream to be a university student until I graduated from my senior high school and was given a chance to study in this university. Concisely, becoming a student of well-known university is not as easy as we think. Therefore, to pick our dream up, we should be brave to face any problem.

          Most of people do not know about what the meaning of life is, but I know about my life. My life is never flat. I was born on February 20, 1994 in Ngawi. In my life I met good and bad things. The good things that I have are I have a God who is very good in every life, who always helps me in every situation. My parents who care about me, teach me and make me understand what I live for. I have many friends who accompany me in every moment. I have a dream which makes me full of spirit to face the life. The bad thing is a problem which always comes to me, but with a problem I could learn about patience, maturity, and so on. When I entered an elementary school in 2000, my teacher asked me about my dream and I directly said that I want to be a singer because I liked to sing. My parents gave me many DVDs about songs of children so I like to sing. In 2006, when I entered a junior high school I realized that my voice was not good. I did not have a skill to be a singer. My high dream was not completed by my good voice but I never threw away my dream and I did not hopefully. I tried to study harder so I can get a good mark. Although I could not be a singer I still had ability to be a successful person. Finally I got an achievement because I was top three in my class. In 2009, I entered a senior high school. When I was grade 10, I got a bad mark. I cried, but my parents told me that it was never mind. They asked me to study harder than before. They also asked me what I want to be and they suggested me to be a teacher or a lecturer. I thought that is a good job so I decided to be a teacher or a lecturer. I chose to be an English teacher so I entered a social class in grade 11. I studied harder about English and wanted to study at English Department of State University of Malang. Finally I could enter English Department of University of Malang. My parents were proud of me. I have to study harder so I can reach my dream to be a teacher or a lecturer. In brief, I understand about my life. My life is to find happiness, I learn about science, I learn from some problems, I make my dream real, and I make my parents proud of me. Therefore, you should be ready if your first dream did not come true. You must have a second choice in your life to reach a real happiness dream in your life.

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(Order of Time)

            Have you ever seen a poster that made you stuck perfectly just to read the whole? I have found such a very attractive poster on the announcement board in my faculty. I have thought how it could be so interesting. In my opinion, it is probably because of the impressive design of its picture, the meaningful slogan, and the creative event. The most stunning part I appreciate is the eye-catching design of its picture. It comes up with a picture of a band in front of the spectators which represents the event will look like. It uses cartoon effect which makes it more glamour. Besides, if the readers pay attention to the picture, it will probably make the readers laugh because the glance of a Pocong, an Indonesian ghost that is wrapped in a shroud, under the tree. The picture is also full of colour and thus it is suitable to the readers who are almost the youth. The second attractive point is the explicable slogan. That is “Bersama mewarnai sastra dalam NOSTALGILA”, Nostalgila word is actually from nostalgia word, but the creator put “L” letter to make it become GILA which is by Indonesian means crazy or insane. Maybe it means that this event will make you crazy and burst into happiness about this event. Moreover, the creator named this poster as SASTRASWATI which is related to Faculty of Letter. SASTRA in Indonesian means literature and SWATI is probably from the Indian name of the third brightest star in the night sky, called Arcturus in the western world. The least interesting thing is the concept of its event which also provides such a creative thinking process. This event is not only about a staging of bands but it also provides acoustics, theather/operetta, poem reciting, dancing, art performance, short movie playing, and many more. In addition, everyone who wants to show his talent is allowed. The thing that must be underlined is the free registration offering. So it will be so good that everyone can participate or just attend to this event. To sum up, the Sastraswati poster is an example of a poster which is successful to grab people’s attention. In view of that, before creating something, the questions we must ask are what an interesting thing we are going to make, who will be our objects, and how will we create it as well as possible.  

By : Mirzatus Solikhah                                           



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