Hissha stands for Hearty, Intelligent, Scrupulous, Sophisticated, Hilarious, and Art-minded. Hissha is from Japanese means writer. Paragraph Writing Class - English Learning and Teaching 2012 - State University of Malang

           Being a successful farmer is not as easy as we think. It needs a long process with certain problems. My father is one of the examples. My father is a patient successful farmer. A patient successful farmer is seen from how he could calm himself to face some problems appeared to reach the purposes.  Besides, success can be seen from how people make everything better by their own. In 1999 my father had only a small house, a cycle, and one farm. My father used to work at his farm since the early morning until afternoon. All time he had was just for working at his farm, sunbathed his body under the sun light which burned him much. In 2001, my father got better income. As usually, he tried to function all little things he got well. One of the ways was by buying a new farm even actually that money was not enough to be used. As a result, he needed to borrow money from others. In 2005, all things became easier. My father bought five new farms. He did not work by himself anymore. He invited others to work with him. My father had never been angry of any mistakes his workers did. It also became a reason of many people who wanted to work with him. In that year too, my father also succeeded in forming a good relationship with some big victories. It really helped him to contribute his farms result easily. Since that time, my family life became more colorful. My father rebuilt my house, bought, and completed all things we needed. In 2008, my father bought eight new farms. My family life became wonderful due to better thing we got. Unfortunately, some people did not really like it. However, it did not become a back stop of my father’s life development. By his good intelligence of communication, he could invite those people to be in his sight and finally this life becomes more exciting to explore. Briefly, people will never be able to reach their dream without any struggle and sincerity so that people are supposed to have good self-personality by applying good attitude as an exercise.

By : 
Yulia Rofiqoh

Life is about happiness and sadness. Sometimes you may feel happy by contrast you feel sad at the different time. Bill’s life is also ups-downs. Since he was 9 years old, he had to force himself to understand the family’s problem. His big family had actually disagreed with his parents’ marriage. He did not feel any warmth of a family because his relatives and his parents were arguing with each other. He grew up as a silent boy. He could not tell or even say something to others and thus he did not have any close friends.  When he was in junior high school, he started to see the problem more obviously. He knew that his father was keeping himself away from family and so was his mother. He also knew that his father’s and mother’s family tried hard to make them separate by putting a hex on his house; hence he saw a wraith-like figure in some rooms. That is irrational, but that is real. Meanwhile, he understood that his family was not intact anymore. He could not focus on school because he had to take care of his younger sister besides thinking of his family’s problem. At the age of 16, the happiness started to come. Finally, he found two best friends, Ufi and Ella. He could share his problems to them and they listened carefully. He did not think that he could have a friendship but then they came and made him speak up. It was so unbelievable. He thought that he was not a good friend. He often kept quiet and felt like he only brought up his problems to them. As time goes by, he learnt about his friendship. He learnt that communication is one of the keys to solve a problem. Next, he was brave enough to take the first step to talk to his parents about his feelings. Therefore, his parents finally realized that they should think about their children’s feelings. They started to get along and make up for the sake of their children. In this case, Bill’s life is not so flat. Forming a good communication among others will be a good step to solve your problem. Be grateful of your life. As a result, you will find out that every difficulty will make you stronger and stronger.

By : Mirzatus Solikhah (120221414998)

Sometimes, I miss my childhood. In my lifetime, it is a lovely one. When I was a child, I lived with my parents in Tabanan City, the place that I was born in. I grew up there until I was four year old. At that time, we lived in a rent house and my parents’ economy was poor. My parents worked hard to buy some foods, clothes, milk, and everything I needed as a child so they often left me with my grandmother. In 1999, my parents picked me up to move to Jembrana Regency. My parents built a small house as our place to live for a long time. Since that, my lovely childhood has begun. I did many things with my parents together almost everyday. For example, my mother as a teacher often urged me to follow her. Although my father also did it, mostly I spent my time with my mother. I often felt jealous with my mother’s students when I joined her. She seemed to be care to her students more than me. I was really jealous so that I wanted to enroll an elementary school as soon as possible. In 2000, when I was only 5th, my father was so kind to fulfill my aim to enroll an elementary school. I was really happy and I thought that I will not be jealous anymore with the others. In fact, I was not jealous because my school was different from my mother’s school. When I knew that, I got mad and I was really sad but it changed as the time goes by. In 2001 up to 2006 I made a lot of friends. They were so kind, cute, and friendly. My friends and I often played together not only in school but also in our parents’ house. All of the things I had done in my childhood were mostly about having fun. I did not need to think about love with boyfriends or to think about difficulties to earn much money somehow. That was just happiness. To sum up, my childhood was full of love from my parents and my friends as well. I should be grateful to have all of them.

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Luh Gede Tri Purwani Dewi

Amanda Vira – 120221414932
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Back when I was a child, I had so many dreams. I realized that I was an unstable dreamer child. When I was a child, around 3 years old, I had no dream. I did not know what I was going to be, I just wanted to be myself. I was busy with my child time. I was just amazed with my child world. At 4 years old, I started to learn at kindergarten. I met a lot of new friends, with different personalities and behaviors. At that time I wanted to be an artist, someone who always does art so I joined an extracurricular. It was a traditional dance. I had performed so many times, and I was happy to be a traditional dancer.  Then, I was always happy when the painting class began. I loved painting, although my drawings were not good at all. After 2 years in kindergarten, I continued to elementary school. At 1st grade, I was still wanted to be an artist, but more specifically, a singer. I joined so many singing contests, but I did not get any championship although just one. I realized that I did not have any confidence, so I just sang without some moves. I did not give up. I continued my style until I realized I was not good enough to be a singer. I studied in a soldier’s environment the sports lessons were the heavy ones. I played all the sports with good scores. In 4th grade, I wanted to be an athlete. I was really in love with sports, and I always envied with my friends who joined a sport club. My parents did not allow me to join a sport club. They pitied me. I had a full day school. To do a sport would be too tiring. That did not really matter. Finally, I could not grant my last dream so I just kept it as my hobby and my special skill to this day. In 6th grade, I changed my dream again. I was always attracted by clothes, dresses, and so on. I told my mom that I wanted to be a fashion designer. She told me to be a fashion designer I could not just be good at drawing or designing, but also sewing. Until now I cannot sew, but I am still in love with fashion. Someday, I really hope that my fashion design dream can be granted. In brief, I have so many different dreams, which are not connected with each other. To grant my dreams, I have to find my passion and put in the effort to make it successful.



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