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Back when I was a child, I had so many dreams. I realized that I was an unstable dreamer child. When I was a child, around 3 years old, I had no dream. I did not know what I was going to be, I just wanted to be myself. I was busy with my child time. I was just amazed with my child world. At 4 years old, I started to learn at kindergarten. I met a lot of new friends, with different personalities and behaviors. At that time I wanted to be an artist, someone who always does art so I joined an extracurricular. It was a traditional dance. I had performed so many times, and I was happy to be a traditional dancer.  Then, I was always happy when the painting class began. I loved painting, although my drawings were not good at all. After 2 years in kindergarten, I continued to elementary school. At 1st grade, I was still wanted to be an artist, but more specifically, a singer. I joined so many singing contests, but I did not get any championship although just one. I realized that I did not have any confidence, so I just sang without some moves. I did not give up. I continued my style until I realized I was not good enough to be a singer. I studied in a soldier’s environment the sports lessons were the heavy ones. I played all the sports with good scores. In 4th grade, I wanted to be an athlete. I was really in love with sports, and I always envied with my friends who joined a sport club. My parents did not allow me to join a sport club. They pitied me. I had a full day school. To do a sport would be too tiring. That did not really matter. Finally, I could not grant my last dream so I just kept it as my hobby and my special skill to this day. In 6th grade, I changed my dream again. I was always attracted by clothes, dresses, and so on. I told my mom that I wanted to be a fashion designer. She told me to be a fashion designer I could not just be good at drawing or designing, but also sewing. Until now I cannot sew, but I am still in love with fashion. Someday, I really hope that my fashion design dream can be granted. In brief, I have so many different dreams, which are not connected with each other. To grant my dreams, I have to find my passion and put in the effort to make it successful.


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