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[ Order of Differences ]

People thought that a market and a supermarket are similar but actually they are different. I am going to classify the differences between them in terms of physical conditioning and the function. There are several points about their differences. First, when you go shopping in a market, you will find seller selling their goods and products in a mess. I mean, although they have no place to sell they will use any empty space to sell their products but in a supermarket you will be able to find things that you want to buy on its place. Second, shopping in a market needs high patience because if you love everything is keeps in clean I guess you do not shopping in a market because it is dirtier than in a supermarket. We love to go to the supermarket because it is always in a clean condition so we feel comfortable to do shopping. Third, people prefer to buy things in a market because they can do bargaining, especially women. You cannot bargain in a supermarket because the price is already stick up on its value board, but if you are lucky you still have a chance to get a discount or promo. Fourth, often when we go shopping in a market, we could not find the things that we want to buy because maybe you go to the market in the afternoon or evening or even you can become an unfortunate person if you buy something but it is not in a fresh condition. It will not be happen in a supermarket because the things that sold in a supermarket are always sterile and you will find everything that you want to buy. To sum up, we can classify the differences of market and supermarket through the physical condition of their selves or even the function of them. Thus, make a decision about a place you are going to buy your daily needs whether in a market to save your money or in a supermarket to get a convenience when you do shopping.




A lot of grammar errors but great details!


تمتع بخصومات هائلة عند اعلانك معنا عن شركتك ومنتجاتها فى تجهيز محلاتوتعرف على عملاء من كل المحافظات

تتميز شركة رش مبيدات بالدمام انها تعمل علي اتخدام افضل الطرق الممكنة في مكافحة الحشرات وابادتها اي انها بتعمل علي استخدام المواد الحشرية المبيدية باعلي جودة

يمكنكم الان التمتع بتنظيف وعزل خزانات بمكة المكرمة جيدا من خلال اكبر شركة غسيل خزانات بمكة المكرمة والمملكة العربية السعودية

يوفر لكم مراكز صيانة ال جي الكبري والمميزة في اعمال صيانة الاجهزة الكهربائية خدمة عملاء ال جي الذين يوفرون من التوكيل القطع الغاير الاصلية للاجهزة الكهربائية .

الان يمكنك التمتع باقل اسعار دار المسنين الذي يعمل علي توفير الماكل والمشرب والكثير من الخدمات المميزة لرعاية كبار السن من خلال دار مسنين بالقاهرة الكبري .

تعلن شركة القرميد انها تعمل علي توفير جميع الخدمات المميزة في تركيب قرميد اسباني من خلالها اي انها تعمل علي استخدام مواد عالية الجودة .

Supermarkets Cleaning


People thought that a market and a grocery area unit similar however truly they're totally different. i'm planning to classify the variations between them in terms of physical acquisition and therefore the perform. There area unit many points regarding their variations. First, after you buy groceries during a market, you'll notice vender mercantilism their product and merchandise during a mess management case studies.

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