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Watching TV

                   Watching TV is one of activities which is general did by everyone, especially on chilren. The children can watch TV whenever they want without the supervision of their parents. Their parents are too busy with their jobs so that the children be fun to watch TV until they lose track of time to learn. Watching TV can have several negative effects on the children. One of effects is it makes the children forget the time. If the children have watched TV, they will feel lazy to do something. So they are more interesting to watch TV than study and neglect the task as a student. Moreover, the station TV usually show the consolation to the children, such as a cartoon movie, a music program  and etc. Another effect is it can affect the children’s mental health. The movies that contain scenes of violence frontally without any censorship are very easily imitated by the children. Even almost all TV stations show brawl news or criminal news clearly. The news are not suitable for viewing by the children because they can mimic scenes of violence or criminal acts that they watch on TV. Another effect is it makes the children not creative. The TV makes the children become less active so they will become an individualist. When they feel bored, they will not go out from home to play with their friends. The last effect is it can demage the eyes. Watching TV constantly does not only neglect the children to do their assighments, but also harmful to health. The eyes need to rest and do not watch TV too long. The children who often watch TV with a close-range lead to a decline in eyesight so the eyes into minus so that should be helped with eye glasses to see objects in detail. Therefore, the children need to reduce the activy of the watching TV continuously. Besides, the role of parents is very important to direct the child to activities that are more useful than the watching TV and the children divide their time between studying and watching TV so that children do not become victims of the negative effects of watching TV.


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