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My Precious Day
Thuesday is a day as like as the other day, but I had a good time and a special moment at that day. In the morning , as usual I got up at 5 a.m in the morning. Then I took a prayer, unfortunatelly my mother called me and gave information that my niece was accepted in the International School (SMA 3 Semarang) free of tution. After that my mother also told me about my sister’s grade. I felt happy when I heard the good news. Then, I prepared to study. In the afternoon, I went home at 12.10 p.m and directly went to kitchen because I smelt something bad. Unfortunatelly, I found a well-done egg on the frying pan. Besides, I turned off the gas and shouted out my friend to come. She forgot that she cooked an egg before she did her appointment. So, I asked to be more carefully because it was dangerous. When the land lady came and knew there was trouble about the bad smell, she asked us to give the clearly information. After my friend told her about it, the land lady gave us suggestion. It was the unforgetable moment I got. In the evening, when the rain came, my boyfriend called me and asked me to hang out. I did not know what he planned because it was unusual to hang out while the rain came. So, I approved his invitation. When I went out of my house, he was waiting for me in front of the gate. He didi not say anything and asked me to go out with him. He treated me to eat western food because I ever told him that I wanted to eat the western food. Morever , I felt happy because he had spend his time for me to eat togheter. To sum up, I had a good time and unforgetable mement yesterday became a precious day I got. 

By : Maya Puspita M.


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