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Name   : Ramadhantra Sancaka P.
NIM    : 120221414978
Children’s TV Watching
Children nowadays tend to spend most of their time watching TV programs besides going to school. It is okay if the content and the watching time is in inder parents’ control, but in some cases parents’ ignore this control just for letting their children to have their fun. They were wrong. Children’s TV watching has good and bad effects. First influence is children’s cognitive development. When children are addicted to watch TV, they often neglect their usual activities like study, eating, etcetera. It can make a great obstruction in their cognitive development. Next aspect is psychomotoric. Too long watching TV makes the body stiff and they become lazy. Children who watch TV too often are tend to have obesity, or ophthalmic problems. Their bones, back bone especially, can grow at wrong way, which can make them looked humped. Another aspect is affective. When children watch TV programs, especially cartoons, they always pinpoint a character to become their idol. The this is, this character did not always do good things. For example in Disney Channel I saw the character my little brother and sister like doing bad things like insulting people, hit other character when they want, etcetera. Even though there are so many disadvantages of children’s TV watching, but it too has a good effects. For example if they watch a magic and science shows, their positive thinking will be developed. They will imagine and think that the world has so much to learned. They will be more creative and have broad knowledge. Other aspect is motivation. Kids do not always see their favourite character’s bad trait, but they also learned about good traits that the character has, such as loyalty, friendship, hard-working, etcetera. Those aspect will motivate them and help developing the children’s ability to socialize. In addition, there are a positive and a negative effects of children’s TV watching that will influence children’s development in some aspects. Therefore parents must be selective to choose the suitable TV programs for their child’s development.


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