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          TV is a magical box because of its ability to shape children personalities. Nevertheless, TV’s these days give lots of negative influence that can affect mind, body, and social life. TV’s can influence children minds greatly. Children tend to think what they get from TV will really happen in their real lives, and they will follow it no matter it is good or bad. For example, children who watch TV that shows a teenage romance drama will seek romance in their teenage life because they think that is how teenage life is supposed to be. Other than affecting children minds, TV also have a big effect toward their bodies. Watching too much TV will not only damage children eyes, it will also hinder their psychomotor development. Children still need to move a lot to train their movements. When a child is addicted to TV and spends lots of time watching TV rather than playing outside, his or her movement will be less coordinated than a child who plays outside a lot. After affecting their minds and bodies, TV also has a bad impact toward children social lives. When children watch too much TV, they tend to forget their social lives. It is not good for children to forget their social lives, they still in the time when they need to learn to socialize with others. That is why if they only spend their time watching TV they will find it hard to socialize with others. That is how a TV gives a lot of bad effect toward children. We as an adult must be careful when seeing a child watching TV alone, we need to accompany them and choose the best TV program for them. Surely TV has lots of  bad effect, but some programs still have a good effect and we can watch it from time to time, like TV education channel.


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