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Bilingual Teaching
Bilingual teaching, as reflected in the term, is a kind of learning in which two languages ​​are used in combination and used the mother tongue and other languages. Many countries were applying the method to their children and this has happened in several decades such as England and Canada. The general purpose of bilingual teaching is primarily to provide supplies to the students’ language skills that include listening skills, speaking, reading and writing in a language other than their mother tongue. The capability using two languages not only in speaking and writing, but also the ability to understand what other people are communicated verbally and writing. Children are able to speak, read, and write in two languages ​​with the same capabilities. The implementation of bilingual learning can make children have an understanding of oral communication and able to speak in two languages.
However, there are three kinds of bilingual teaching programs, those are transition, maintenance, and enrichment. Each program has a different arrangement. First, the bilingual transition programs carry out in which the students learn the content area especially through the mother language. For example, the student learn about English using the mother tongue (traditional or Indonesian language), by the time they learn the vocabulary, sentence, and text in English. So, the students have mastered English if they apply their position as communication media and the whole content areas using English. The bilingual maintenance program is different from the bilingual transition program. The student learns the content areas using the mother language as long as their schooling. Improving their capability, the student has to learn their academic subject in English. The aim of the program is the student learns English as skill to master the academic subject. For example, in math subject matter, their teacher use native language first then begins teaching the same curriculum in English, using the native language to fall back on. Last, bilingual enrichment gives preference to the student to be able learns two languages in every academic subject. So, the academic subject can be explained through their ability and compare between the mother language and English.
In addition, bilingual teaching has many principles. The most important is to develop the use of bilingual communication skills so they can communicate in two languages ​​learned or the language used by people in their environment. The bilingual program helps someone know other cultures. However, each language goes with the system behavior and different cultures. By knowing the language, they know the culture of the language, as well as cultivate an attitude of tolerance towards other people who have different cultures. The least, being a bilingual person can develop one's ability to think creatively and have two or more words for each object and an idea also make a person more careful in communicating with people of different languages. Moreover, the bilingual program can grow and boost confidence in a person. Besides, a person with bilingual bolder to communicate and still feel safe in an environment that uses the bilingual program who understand him and will allow a person to learn a third language, when the person is already bilingual.
However, the aims of bilingual teaching are to improve subject matter mastery, to improve the English language skills in scientific and non-scientific forums, to manage accessing scientific knowledge of various international media, and to get to communicate between students from within and outside the country. For example in Indonesia, bilingual education is implemented through the development of international schools. The learning process in a high school should to be able to produce graduates who have the ability and compete in international level. The process is expected to equip students with skills, such as organizing learning, collaborating, communicating, researching, learning to think in another point of view, and perform self-evaluation and group learning. In addition, the learning process should be able to SMA BI to equip the learners with awareness of the roles and responsibilities as members of society and responsiveness to the personal, societal, and global level.
To sum up, bilingual teaching uses the mother or tongue language and other languages to develop their ability and to compare what were the students learned in different languages. The children can take the benefit using bilingual program. Besides, the bilingual program can be applied not only in immersion schools but also other schools which have capability to execute the bilingual teaching. So, the students have the same chance to learn the second language.


The general purpose of bilingual teaching is primarily to produce provides to the students language skills that embrace listening skills, speaking, reading and writing in an exceedingly language then again their natural language assignment writing service.

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