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        As we know that English is an international language. Most of people in every part of the world know it, even they learn deeply all about English. English is a very useful language. If you can speak English fluently and understand this language, you will get many advantages three of which are you can be a popular student, you can get a lot of information from the internet easily and you can go to around the world without being afraid to lose. Most of teenagers want to be a popular student in order they can have many friends. If you can speak English, becoming a popular student is easy and having a lot of friends is not difficult, because if you can sing English fluently and know about the recent universal movies, most of your classmates will be proud of you and you will be a popular student, even all of your classmate will be your friend. Another advantage if you learn English is you can get a lot of information from the internet easily. In fact, most of computers are programed in English and if we want to browse in the internet, we have to understand about the computer fluently. As a result, we can get a lot of information from the internet easily. The most attractive thing if we learn and understand English is we can go around the world without being afraid to lose. I am sure that everyone wants to go around the world, even young person. In fact, most of the direction boards in every country are written in English, so if we understand English, we will get easy to read the direction boards and we will never lose. In short, if you want to get all of the advantages, you have to learn and understand English.


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Having the capacity to communicate in English can be seen as an advantage in the event that somebody wished to go to another nation to work or live.

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while you are at work and soon you’ll start identifying new words and expressions as your listening skills improve.
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