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   In this globalization era, there have been so many kinds of transportation which are really useful in human’s life, for example cars. I saw two cars that have been parked in front of Q3 building this evening, there were Toyota Avanza and Suzuki Ertiga. Both cars look different at first glance. The differences between those two cars were in brand, color, price and of course number plate. When I saw the Avanza I directly felt an interest in it. It had silver color that made it looks beautiful. As one of the best cars, it also has a high price. The price was for about Rp. 170.000.000. The last thing I saw from the car was the number plate which was mounted on lower part of the car. The number plate was N 1846 CJ. Beside the Avanza, was also parked an Ertiga which has red color. It was looked brighter than the Avanza. It’s price was around Rp. 175.000.000. I also saw it’s number plate from the place where I stood up. The number place was N 386 GC. They also have the same thing in exterior, interior and their function. Let me saw Toyota Avanza from the exterior. The color was resembled to a spoon, It was silver colored minivan. It measures about 4 meters in length, 1.6 meters in width, and 1.6 meters in height. Like most minivan, it has a hood, 3 rear windows, 2 doors on each side, and a door on it backside.  Now let me gave a look on it interior. Just like most minivan it has 2 seats on in front, 3 in the middle, and also 3 seats at the back side that can be folded. For entertainment media, it has a built in audio system. Toyota Avanza also has an air conditioner like most of modern cars. Now let me talked about overall function of this car. It is a minivan car, so that it used for traveling with people. The car is suitable for traveling with family or friends, and it is comfortable enough to fit up to 8 people inside it. It was a good car for traveling, but it can not go well in off road. This car was still able to travel on dirt road, but not a road with a rough surface.  Now let me continue to the second car. The second car is Suzuki Ertiga. From the outside or the exterior, we could see it has red color. For the measurement 4 meters in length, 1.6 meters in width and also in height. Same as Toyota Avanza, it has a hood, 3 rear windows, 2 doors on each side, and a door on the backside. For the interior, it has 2 seats in first row, 3 seats in the second row, and 3 seats in the last row the last row seats can be folded. As a minivan as common, the overall function is suitable for traveling with family or friends. Approximately 8 people can get into this car. Same like Toyota Avanza, this Suzuki Ertiga will not be able to travel in rough road. In brief, Toyota Avanza and Suzuki Ertiga have differences and similarities in a few ways. 



The difference and the similarities which has been elaborated in a sense that it can be done with the aspect of many other things and there were many other features which are highlighted towards that thing and some of them were trying to judge the qualities of it although they both have the same qualities and the features are Cheap Assignments Of Colleges  much different from each other and coming up to the facts of that thing they are manipulating the horse powers of the engine and making more reliable for the user needs and these things are much effected towards that one.

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Both cars look totally different initially look. The variations between those 2 cars were in complete, color, worth and after all range plate. after I saw the Avanza I directly felt associate degree interest in it. It had silver color that created it's stunning. joined of the simplest cars, it additionally incorporates a high worth Online Employee Management system.

In this globalization period, there have been such huge numbers of sorts of transportation which are extremely valuable in human's life, for instance autos.

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