Hissha stands for Hearty, Intelligent, Scrupulous, Sophisticated, Hilarious, and Art-minded. Hissha is from Japanese means writer. Paragraph Writing Class - English Learning and Teaching 2012 - State University of Malang

Name   : Maya Puspita M
                                                                                                            Off      : AA
                                                                                                            NIM    : 120221414975

Me and My Sister
            People think that me and my sister are twins. In fact, we are different. You can see from the hair and the face. She has short hair, a chubby face, slanted eyes, a flat nose, and small mouth. Besides, you can see from the body, she has small hands and fingers, and big tummy. Then, she has small feet. Her short hair does not need a long time to comb. Moreover, her smooth straight black hair seems like a silk when she walks. She is called “cino jowo” by my mom, because her chubby face, slanted eyes, a flat nose, and also a small mouth like a chinese. Besides, her bright skin supports the chinese characteristic. In addition, her small hands and fingers are unique because she is capable to cook. The myth argues that the small hand can produce the delicious food. Nevertheless, she cannot produce the delicious food even she cooks the same food as my mom but the taste is different. Because of her hobby is eating, so she has big tummy. In every place which has traditional food, she has to nibble food or even there is a new restaurant. The other difference is her small feet which have shoes’ size 38. So, her feet are seen not equal with her body because she has 52 kg and 160 cm. She ought to have 39 or 40 for her shoes’ size to equal with her body. Contrasted to me, I have long hair, chubby face, wide eyes, a flat nose, a wide mouth, big hands and long fingers, flat tummy, and big feet. My long hair is wavy straight black. Besides, mine is thicker than her. However, we have a chubby face and a flat nose but they are different. I am not actually chubby face and a flat nose as my sister has. My wide eyes and wide mouth are the most difference to appear. So, you can see what the differences from the face. Even though I do not have as small hands and fingers as her, I can produce the delicious food. So, the myth about the small hands and fingers can produce the delicious food is not true. Even though, my hobby is same as my sister, still I have flat tummy. Then, my shoes’ size is 40 which is I am 58kg and 168cm.
            Although we are different, we also have similarities in hobby and appearance. Our hobbies are travelling, look for the traditional food, and shopping. Besides, we also have bad characteristic are take it easy and easy to get mad. Both of us take pleasure in travelling. So, we often travel around Semarang to look for a traditional food. An example soto kebul in Krapyak, lunpia ( the original food) in Johar chinese village, and cenil in Simpang Lima. We have the same style. When we go shopping, I know the clothes that she wants. She likes a simple clothes design and natural color as blue, brown, and black. Both of us wear a veil. When we were Senior High School and we decided to wear a veil to complete our style. In addition, we are similar to make a decision. When we have a problem, both of us always think that was easy to solve. In fact, we cannot solve the problem. For example, my father was angry with us because of me and my sister hang out without asking his permission. We thought that my father did not angry anymore. Unfortunately, till 3 days gone, my father did not talk with us even just say hello. Then, we tried to say sorry about our fault. Besides, her hobby to read some novels is as the same as me. We often read the novel about mom, love, and friendship. The author that we love is Tereliye who is written the best novel we ever read. We are easy to get mad. My mother always said that both of her children as like as devil in a film which have antlers when they are angry. In brief, me and my sister are not twins. We are sisters. Even though we have differentiate but we also have similarities. So, you can differentiate when we walk together.


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