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Anjaa’a Birrqiy
Take a Rest
            Do you know how it feels to have enough time to rest among your weekdays? Yesterday, I had a good day with enough time to rest.  In the morning, after I had gone from a mosque, I felt very sleepy and tired because the night before I had little time to sleep for few hours.  At 5 am, I started to sleep tightly.  An hour later my mother woke me up.  Then I prepared to go to campus calmly because I knew the lecture would late.  About 7.15 am, I arrived at class.  I got news that the lecture could not come.  To me, it was good so I could do my reading project with my friend.  We did it slowly until we finished it.  After the second class, at 10.30 am, I went to “Matos” with my friend.  My friend and I ordered some food and drink at the food court.  I ate fried chicken sausages level 3 that I thought it was very tasty and spicy.  In the afternoon, I went home at 1 pm, after I had gotten news that made-up class for grammar was cancelled.  I came home safely.  I prayed then took a nap, I was like ‘Thanks, God! Finally I have 2-hour sleep in the afternoon.’  At 4.30 pm I woke up and felt all the fatigue had gone.  I also got a text from my friend that made-up class for  listening was canceled.  I felt happy because I had made the right decision by planning not to attend the class.  Later, I ate what my mother had prepared me in the dining room.  A lele fish which I ate was very delicious, the flesh was smooth and crunchy.  In the evening about 7.30 pm, I tried a yoghurt which I had bought at “Matos”.  It was very smooth, sweet enough and I did not regret it at all.  Few hours later I slept at 11 pm.  That was my good day with enough rest time.  I suggest sometime you need to have good rest time among your weekdays.


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