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Student Exchange Program

Have you ever imagined that you can study abroad? It is more exciting than study in our country. If we have much money, we can make this dream true. But, no all of us are rich. What should we do? Do not worry! You can study abroad a while by joining a student exchange program.
To participate in the program, you must do some steps. The first step is joining the written test in your school. The school has a test to find whose person will be chosen. Then, just wait for the announcement several days later. When you are the chosen student, meet your teacher. Your teacher will tell you about the program. He or she is going to give a registration form. The form is going to ask about your life such as self identification, family, achievement, health history, etc. After you fill the form, you must complete other requirements. The other requirement is permission letter from parents. The second step is test from the program organizer. They will test by phone. They call your school and you will have the test one by one. The questions are about international problems such as global warming, education, etc. They want to know your opinion about the problems and your suggestions to solve the problems. The third step is final test. They invite the delegations each school and gather them in one place. Different from the previous test, you will meet them directly. You might be asked about yourself and the international problems. The last step is waiting the final announcement. It is going to announce who the lucky students are. They are the delegations from their country. They are going to go the directed country.
As the delegations arrive at the definite country, they start to compare both cultures. Mostly, the delegations are Indonesia students and U.S students. They look different, but they still have some similarities, two of which are religion and love beach. The first is religion. Indonesia has admitted some religions such as Islam, Christ, Hindu, Buddha etc. Almost all Indonesian have a religion although it is not Islam. Americans also believe in God and almost all Americans have a religion. Only a little of Americans do not believe the God. On 2007, a research tells that eighty four percentages of Americans have a religion; only sixteen percentages of Americans do not have a religion. The second is love beach. When holiday, most Indonesians like to go vacation and the most favorite place is beaches. Many people prefer to go to the beaches than go to the mall. Americans love to go to the beaches especially in summer. They like to go skiing and go sailing. American women usually spread   out in the sun. On the other word, they have some differences, two of which are cleanliness and discipline. The first is cleanliness. Western countries always keep the cleanliness wherever including US. You will be surprised while you see the streets there. It is very clean and there is no rubbish as long as the streets. If someone throws the rubbish arbitrarily, he or she must pay the fine and stay into jail. It is so different in Indonesia. Indonesian does not care over their environment. They still throw the rubbish whenever such as rivers, streets, etc. Although there is rubbish basket near them, they still do not throw into the basket. The second is discipline. Americans appreciate of time. They think that time is money.  They always come on time. Moreover, they come a half hour before the appointment. On the contrast, Indonesian is known as rubber watch. They cannot come on time. When they have a meeting, they must come several minutes after the appointment. 
When the delegations come back from abroad, they have learned a lot of things from the journey. It can be positive changes or negative changes. The most important change is to increase their culture knowledge. After they stay there for long time, they must learn more about the culture. At the first time, they get culture shock because their culture is very different than theirs. They will adapt the culture slowly. Another prominent change is to increase their English. They can speak as well as a native does. They can do it because they have lived together for several months. They hear the native conversations and communicate at them every day. It makes them to understand the English conversations easily. The least significant change is to make them wise. Since they stay there, they have learned more about the country. Thus, they have much knowledge than other people have. For example, western people respect for freedom and a couple of gay is allowed in the western countries. According to western people, it is a common thing. When other people judge the culture is bad, they will not think like that because they know what the real culture. They are not going to judge easily.
In brief, student exchange is an English learning. It involves two countries or more countries. Each country sends the delegations to stay in the other countries. They study about the culture and the education there. I suggest that when you have an opportunity to do it, you must not change your personality and influenced with the other culture. You should show your culture proudly.  
Source        : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Student_exchange_program


To sum things up, understudy trade is an English learning. It includes two nations or more nations. Every nation sends the assignments to stay in alternate nations. They think about the way of life and the instruction there. I propose that when law assignment writing you have a chance to do it, you should not change your identity and affected with the other society. You ought to demonstrate your way of life gladly.

Many thanks for sharing this very diverse opinion post where each expert has no doubt shared his best knowledge on the topic. Have more success in your journey.
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The term trade implies that an accomplice organization acknowledges an understudy, however does not really imply that the understudies need to discover a partner from the other foundation with whom to trade Online Assignment Writing Service trade understudies live with a receiving family or in an assigned place, for example, an inn, a loft, or an understudy lodging. Expenses for the program shift by the nation and foundation.

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