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[Order of Important]

                   Sooner or later, we will get married. In my mind, an ideal husband should meet several criteria, three of which are religious, smart, and respectful. My future husband should have same believe or religion with me. Religious guy means he must be on time when prays five times in a day. He must love his God. Follow the God’s directions and never doing forbidden things. My mother would not give her permit if my husband has different believe or religion with me. My future husband also must be smart. Smart in this case not always clever but educated. Learn from experiences. Smart means he knows how to communicate with other people, has a good joke, knows how to love me, can manage his life well, and surely has a good occupation. Because if we married smart guy, we are not suppose to be worried with our future. With his smartness, he can lead his family well. The last thing that should be important for guy to have is respectful. We can’t build family without love. He must respect me, not only me but also my whole family. For example, when my family got a problem he must help to find out a solution and solve it. Because, marriage is not just about married a couple but also married two whole families of them. I hope we could help out as the time goes by. I like to have a husband who loves to help each others. He also must be patient when I do mistake. In this case, I recognize myself as a careless girl. I mean, it is difficult for me to take care of other people problems who I did not know well. So, my future husband should be patient if someday he found my weaknesses. In brief, he must have a good thinking so he can catch up every obstacles in his life with his strong believe, good mind set and of course with his love. Therefore, I want to be matured and educated well from now on so I could become valuable or precious to be married. 


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