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My a Small Multifunction House

I have a small multifunction house I use to live with my family. Its size is for about 20x15m. It has three bedrooms and other parts that almost other houses have.  My house faces to the south. When you enter my house, you will see a living room which is located between my own bedroom which is in the east part of the wall and my garage which is in the west part.  In the left part of my bedroom, there is still one living room which is seldom used and in the right part of my bedroom is my sister’s bedroom. Those three rooms are in a line without any space with separates them. In front of my sister bedroom is a dining room. I set my television in it. Beside the dining room is a mosque. Its size is small and enough only for five people.  My family and I always use it to pray together. It is actually the most important part that supposes me to assume that my house is multifunction. Near the mosque is a bathroom which is located near the garage. The garage and the bathroom are in the west line of my house. Beside my bathroom there is a small room with a pair of desk and chair. This room is used to enjoy reading newspapers and books. In the back wall of the house, there are only two rooms with different sizes.  The smaller room is my parent’s bedroom and the other larger one is my kitchen. I am really happy to have that house. Even though it is not really large, I can do a lot of things include praying together inside it.


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