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Failure in Learning at University

          Learning in the university is hard. There are lots of students who fail to finish their study. Classes in one of the main factor that effect students performance, there are lots of factor in classes three of which are schedule, lecturer, and friends. Schedule is one factor that affects lots of student’s performance, and it is mostly related to schedule. When students have a full schedule from morning to evening, their concentration will drop at the evening classes. Not only affecting performance in class, it is  also affecting their assignment. For example, if all of the lecturer giving an assignment, usually student will not able to do their best in that kind of classes because they split their concentration too much. Next is about lecturer. Each lecturer has their own way of giving lessons, and not every student is compatible with all lecturers, and so do the lecturers. This kind of thing can cause major problem because in class some students are compatible, while the other are not. In this kind of situation if the students are unable to adapt with their lecturer, they will get nothing even if they pass the course.  The last factor that we are going to discuss is friends. Friend effect on someone study is really great and it not only classmate but also friend from outside of classes. Friends who give good influence will surely help students to study, while friends who give bad influence will hinder student’s progress.  Those are three things that can cause failure to study in the university. We as a university student must able to see which one is troubling us the most and try to solve it


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