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How the Child Learn a Language
            Learning a first language is an exceptional accomplishment for anybody. How do the children language? According to the writer, there are three stages the child learn language. Stage 1 is learning sound. this stage began from they were birth until 6 moth-age. When the babies are born, they can make and hear all the sounds in all the languages in the world. That is about 150 sounds in about 6500 languages. However, no languages use all 150 sounds. The sounds a language uses are children phonemes and English has about 44. Some languages use more and some use fewer. In this stage, babies learn which phonemes belong to the language and which do not. The ability to recognize and produce those sounds is called “phonemic awareness,” which is important for children learning to read. Stage 2 is learning words. This stage began from 7 months- 18 months. At this stage children essentially learn how the sounds in a language go together to make meaning. For example, they learn that the sounds m, ah, and ee refer to that “being” that cuddles and feeds them-mommy. That is the significant step because everything we say is really just a stream of sounds. To make sense of those sounds, a child must be able to recognize where one word ends and another one begins. These are called “word boundaries.” It is not exactly word, though, that children are learning. What children are usually learning are morphemes, which may or may not be words. That is really not as confusing as it sounds. A morpheme is just a sound or sounds that have a meaning, like the word mommy. The word mommies, however, have two morphemes: mommy and –s. Children at this stage can recognize that the –s means “more than one” and will know that when the sound is add to other words, it means the same thing-“more than one.” Stage 3 is learning sentence.  From 19 months – 36 months children learn this stage. During this stage, children learn how to create sentence. That means they can put words in the correct order. For example, they learn that in English we say “I want a cookie” and “I want a chocolate cookie,” not “want I a cookie” or “I want cookie chocolate.” Children also learn the difference between grammatical correctness and meaning. In brief, learn a language has begun since the child was born and need a process to recognize a sentence to be perfect.

 By : Maya Puspita M.


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