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TV VS Children

Children love watching TV and movies, but too much of it during developmental years can have a significant negative impact on them, experts say.
Children watch so much TV today. There are some negative impacts of watching TV for children, three of which are kids’ health, behaviour, and family life. The first impact is on their health. Watching lots of TV can lead to childhood obesity and overweight. It is because kids get lots of information about health from TV; some of them are from advertisements. Sometimes these ads do not give the true information about healthy lifestyles and food choices, for instance, ads about snack, junk food, etc. Unfortunately, children who watch those ads would believe what the ads say. In addition, spending time watching TV can take their time away from healthy activities like being active playing outside with friends, doing sport, or reading that requires practice to become skilful and needs energy to do such as football, basketball, etc. The second effect is on their behaviour. In particular, some researchers said that more children exposed to media violence behave more aggressively as kids and when they are older. TV shows and commercials usually show violence, alcohol, drug use and sex in a positive light. Kids mind forms the first impression on what they see, and this early impression will determine how they consider the world and affect their grown-up behaviour. Moreover, kids who watch violent acts are also fear that the world is scary and that something bad will happen to them. The third result of watching TV too much is about children’s family life. Kids who spend more time watching TV whatever they do that with parents, siblings or no one. They must spend less time interacting with family members because they more focus on the TV program. Kids watch TV more than they talk to their family will have a difficult time adjusting from visual learning to aural learning. In summary, watching TV programs for children can lead children in several bad ways. In a view of that, it is so important for you to keep your eyes on the content of a TV program that will be watched by your children and try to set limit time for watching TV to ensure that your kids do not spend too much time parked in front of the TV.

By : Mirzatus Solikhah


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