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Anjaa’a Birrqiy
Learning English
                We all know that foreign languages are very common, especially English.  Learning English since we were young can be advantageous.  The most important reason why English is very good for young learners is it will help them to learn more how to communicate.  By learning English, their ability to communicate will be better because they will learn more words and their vocabulary is growing up for more.  It will also encourage them to learn words in Indonesian as they need the translation of the English words.  The next prominent reason for young learners to learn English is the fact that is very famous about people who learn a foreign language can help them to have a better memory.  It is very good for young learners as they still have a very good memory so we can boost their ability to memorize by learning English.  Their ability to memorize will grow for good and better by the time they learn English.  It means that they also practice their memory so it will not useless beside, it can connect the cells in their brain.  The last good reason why young learners need to learn English is helping them to connect with the world.  As we know nowadays is era global while English is very popular.  Even though they are still young, they cannot avoid English which is almost everyday they can find it in products, books, music, or tv programs.  If they learn at young age, they will get a better understanding of information about the world.  In brief, we can say English is very challenging and beneficial for young learners.  Therefore, we need to start to learn English at young age.


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