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Learning English
            Learning English is valuable. What is the merit of learning English for the young learner? My niece who is 3 years old is an example. The mother teaches her since she was 1 years old. First, when her age 1 year old, her mother always listened to the English song. For example are twinkle-twinkle, bingo, and alphabet’s song. The song that she was listened to reminded in her brain. So, she can sing the song clearly. The example, when her mother played the song about twinkle-twinkle, she imitates to sing a song although she cannot speak clearly because she is still 1 years old but this is the first step to learn. It means, the young learner learn English need reminded and imitated as the first step. Besides, imitated and reminded have a benefit for the young learner. An example, when she as a student, she will has a good memory to remind. And she gets a good mark because she was got a stimulus when she was a child, especially in every subject matter. Second, she will know about the culture, how to produce the best vocal, and also the English song will be easy for her to listen or conversation in English. Moreover, she can understand earlier than others in the same age with her. For example, when she is in the kindergarten, she will know what the teacher said because she has been learning about it. In brief, giving a stimulus to the young learner is more valuable. She will respond what was she learn.


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Learning English is efficacious. what's the advantage of learning English for the young learner? My kinswoman agency is three years previous is AN example. The mother teaches her since she was one years previous. First, once her age one year previous, her mother continuously listened to a people song. as an instance square measure twinkle-twinkle, bingo, and alphabet’s song management case studies.

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