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Mio and beat

Everyone knows that transportations are useful in human’s life. Most of people use motorcycle to go everywhere. So do my friend and I use a motorcycle. I will tell you about my motorcycle and my friend’s. My motorcycle is Mio and my friend’s motorcycle is Beat. Our motorcycles have differences and similarities. First, I will tell you about the differences of Mio and Beat. The differences are the manufacture, the features, and the volume cylinder. The manufacture between Mio and Beat are different. The manufacture of Mio is Yamaha. You can find the letters of the manufacture in front side of the motorcycle. The manufacture of Beat is Honda. You can find it at the same place with Mio in the front side of motorcycle. Some features of Mio and Beat are different. Beat has a secure key shutter in the left handbrake. It helps you to lock the handbrake when you stop in the downhill or uphill. Beat has a parking brake lock so the motorcycle is more safety from the thieves. Beat has a side stand switch so if you want to start the motorcycle but the stand is on, the motorcycle will not be started. On the other hand, Mio does not have whether a secure shutter, a parking brake lock, or a side stand switch. The least disparity is the volume cylinder of them. Mio has 113.7cc but Beat has 108cc. Although Mio and Beat different, it also has similarities. They are the type of motorcycle, the type frame, and the front and rear brakes. The type of Mio is automatic so we do not need to transmit the gear while riding the motorcycle. The type frame of Mio is a steel tube. The last is the front brake of Mio uses a disc brake and the rear brake of Mio uses a drum brake. On the other hand, the type of Beat is also automatic so it makes you easy to ride. Then, the type frame of Beat is also a steel tube as same as the Mio. The least, the front and rear brake of Beat also uses disc and drum brakes. In brief, Yamaha Mio and Honda Beat have differences and similarities. Therefore, the similarities and the differences may help you to decide when you want to buy automatic motorcycles.

                                                                                                      MELLIA KHRISTIANAWATI
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(Order of Similarities and Differences)


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