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Mastering English, How Come?

Nowadays, mastering English becomes one of the requirements in many job vacancies. Learning English is a hard thing for some people by contrast an easy thing for others. At least there are three main factors which determine how people can master English, three of which are individual factor, affective factor, and environment factor. Firstly, in the individual factor, there are 5 aspects: age, personality, motivation, experience, cognition. Age can influence people in understanding. The younger person starts learning the language, the easier he/she can master it. As opposite, the older person, the harder he/she can master it, even in the old age probably he/she can master grammar fast. It is because the young still have the strong brain power to remember, solve problems, and comprehend something new. Then, it is about personality. People who are extrovert will be able to master the language quicker than introvert people. Consequently, an extrovert person might not be reluctant to ask something has not been understood. Next is motivation. People with high motivation will have positive opportunities to master language and conversely. In particular, motivated people will not be easy getting surrender when they face problems. Then about experience, people who are accustomed to practicing language or they often interact with the experts, it is going to make them master language fast. They do not only learn the textbook or grammar, but they speak and understand what the others saying. It means they apply directly what they have got. The last branch in individual factor is cognition. People with higher cognition will be able to master the language quickly, especially with the things related to grammar but it will not guarantee they also have good ability in speaking. Secondly, the things which are included in affective factors are self-esteem, inhibition, braveness in taking risks, anxiousness, and empathy. In the self-esteem aspect, people who do not only focus on his errors will have more opportunity in learning language. It is different from the people who just pay attention to their acts just because of their worries of making mistakes. Subsequently, it is about the inhibition that might be faced. People who feel like getting many difficulties in learning the language will make them lazy to learn or maybe stop to learn. Such as analysing grammar, memorizing vocabularies, etc. Braveness in taking risks also influences people in learning. People who are brave in taking risks and not afraid of making mistakes in learning will make them master that language. For instance, Supardi is courageous to speak,   but he makes mistakes in arranging his sentence. Surely, the teacher will show him the right one and he will learn more and more. After that is anxiousness. People who often feel anxious in learning language, it will block their own way to master it. They do not want to share their problems, they just keep their problems back thus make them more confused in mastering language. The final aspect in affective is empathy. It could be proven that empathetic people will learn the language easier. Specifically, they could interact with others, they will listen to others and they care about being part of a group that has the same purpose in learning language. Thirdly, that is environment factor. If the environment supports in using the language, it will make learners easier in mastering it. No wonder if a child can master a language hence. It is because his/her parents are used to teaching him/her the language regularly. Learning a foreign language like English might conduce people in several difficulties. Keep trying no matter the condition is one of the main keys in learning everything. 

By: Mirzatus Solikhah


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