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Do you ever watch Laskar Pelangi or Serdadu Kumbang? Both of them are Indonesia movies. I have watched both of them. They look different, but they still have some similarities. The most similar aspect is the main character in the movie. Laskar Pelangi has a group of children which are in elementary school and Serdadu Kumbang too. It has a group of children which is in elementary school. Another aspect is the setting. Laskar Pelangi is made in Belitung`s hinterland exactly Gantor village. Serdadu kumbang is made in NTB`s hinterland exactly in Mantar village. Both of them take the location in a hinterland. The least aspect is the story. Laskar Pelangi tells us about some villager students have a high spirit to study,although they live in the hinterland and Serdadu Kumbang too. Serdadu Kumbang tells us about the enthusiasm of students to study in the school, although they live far from the city. On the other hand, they still have some differences. The most different aspect is the characteristic of the main idea. Laskar Pelangi presents a boy named Lintang. He is genius and mysterious boy. Because of his genius, he is the most amazing student in the school. Although his house is very far from the school, he never comes late.  Serdadu Kumbang present a boy named Amek. He is lazy and stubborn. He is not genius like Lintang, even he does not pass the National Examination. Different from his sister, she is smart and diligent. Her school is very proud of her achievements. Another aspect is the end of the movie. Laskar Pelangi is finished with happy ending. Finally,Ikal can make his dream true. He gets a schoolarship to take his Master education in Sorbone,Paris. Serdadu Kumbang is finished with sad ending. Amek lost his sister, Minun. She passes away and cannot reach her dream. She falls from a tree while she is going to pick her bottle up from a hope tree. The least aspect is the story idea. Laskar Pelangi is adapted from a novel which has same title. The writer of Laskar Pelangi has written trilogy novels and Laskar pelangi is the first of them. Serdadu Kumbang is not adapted from a novel. The movie based on the script only. However, both of them are very inspirating movies and I suggest you to watch the movies. After we watch the movies, our spirit to learn will get up again.


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