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Child Language Development in Early Childhood
To be a good teacher, we have to know who will be taught by us, how about the way of communication between us and our students. We have to understand about their developments. Let me tell about language development in early childhood. Early childhood is children which are at the age between 2 to 5 years old. There are four aspects of their language development, such as; understanding phonology and morphology, changes in syntax and semantics, advances in pragmatics, and young children’s literacy. Firstly, children who are at the age between 2 to 5 years old, it means they are in preschool years. Most children gradually become more sensitive to the sounds of spoken words and become increasingly capable of producing all the sounds of their language. By the time, children are at age 3 years, they can produce all the vowel sounds and most consonant sounds. Secondly, preschool children also learn and apply rules of syntax. They show a growing mastery of complex rules for how words should be ordered. Thirdly, changes in pragmatics also characterize young children language development. Young children begin to engage in extended discourses. The last, the concern about the ability of U.S. children to read and write has led to a careful examination of preschool and kindergarten children’s experiences, with the hope that a positive orientation toward reading and writing can be developed early in life. Parents and teachers need to provide young children a supportive environment for them to develop literacy skills. Therefore, if you want to be a kindergarten teacher, you should understand about your student’s language development, one of development’s aspects. 

Source: Santrock J.W. (2011). Life-Span Development, 13th ed, New York. Mc GrawH


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