Hissha stands for Hearty, Intelligent, Scrupulous, Sophisticated, Hilarious, and Art-minded. Hissha is from Japanese means writer. Paragraph Writing Class - English Learning and Teaching 2012 - State University of Malang

English for young learners is very important and we can teach to the children about how to teach English and speak English very well. To learn about English of course we need a process. Without any process we cannot teach English to young learners. It all depends on the material provided by teacher to the children. Therefore, there are many ways to teach the young learners about English. First, the teacher will explain the material; don’t use word too much because children will easily to get bored. Also use image to entertain the children.  Second, the teacher must have to tell stories about fairytales or something like that to improve skill of the young learners. Third, the teacher would sing a happy song like “Twinkle-Twinkle” or “Oh Mc. Donald” to make the children feeling enjoyed to learn English with sings a song. That is my opinion about merit of Learning English for young learners.


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