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I saw cars parking in front of Q3 building this evening, among them there are Avanza and Ertiga. Both cars look different at first glance, but actually they have lots of things in common.  The first one is Toyota Avanza. Let us see from the exterior.  It is a silver colored minivan, just like a spoon. It measure about 4 meters in length, 1.6 meters in width, and 1.6 meters in height. Like most minivan, it has a hood, 3 rear window, 2 doors on each side, and also a door on the backside.  Now let’s give a look on it interior. Just like most minivan it has 2 seats in first row, 3 in the middle, and also 3 seats at the back side that can be folded. For entertainment media, it has built in audio system. Toyota Avanza also has an air conditioner like most of modern car. Now let us talk about overall function of this car, because it’s a minivan car it used to travel with people. The car is suitable for traveling with family or friends, and it is comfortable enough to fit up to 8 people inside it. It is a good car for traveling, but we it can really go well off road. This car is still able to travel on dirt road, but not a road with a rough surface.  Now let us continue to the second car. The second car is Suzuki Ertiga. From the outside or the exterior, we can see it has red color. For the measurements, 4 meters in length, 1.6 meters in width and also in height. Same as Toyota Avanza, it has a hood, 3 rear window, 2 doors on each side, and a door on the backside. For the interior, it has 2 seats in first row, 3 seats in the second row, and 3 seats in the last row. The last row seats can be folded. As a minivan as common, the overall function is suitable for travelling with family or friends. Approximately 8 people can get into this car. Same like Toyota Avanza, this Suzuki Ertiga will not be able to travel in rough road. In brief, Toyota Avanza and Suzuki Ertiga are similar in few ways.


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