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Diajeng Fitrah I.P / E

There is an interesting brochure on the white board, Q3 building. When I am looking at the brochure, I find three important points in the brochure : layout, expression, and picture. The most significant aspect is the layout. The layout is so nice and simple. It has one theme color which is white, so each of the words can be looked clearly and the picture is too. We will not feel bored to see the brochure. The second prominent thing is the expression. There are some good expressions. One of the expressions explains an event where it will be held a musical evening in front of D8 building, the State University of Malang. Each of bands is required to enroll to the commitee before the event is started. Besides, I also find a word on the left side of the brochure that is  written “GRATIS” word. It explains that we are not necessary to pay or take out our money for come to the event. We will think the similar thing, if we read the word. The least point is the picture. The picture describes the people are watching the band that is playing the instrument. All of them looked very exciting. Each of audiences puts their hands up and the personils of the band play and dance. The picture has also full colour from green, red, yellow, black, and etc. The colour of the picture shows that the event will be merry and amazing. Therefore, if we want to come to the event. We can come at sevent o’clock, because the event will go on at seven p.m until finished, on Saturday.


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