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The English Language is a life skill that is very important for all of people. It has become the requirement of citizen in order they can participate in global’s life. Globalization has decided the English Language as a linking of citizen inter country. As a consequence, all of life’s sectors use English Terminology. We can call the English Language as a bridge of knowledge because the development of Technology and Science is written in English Language. Thus, if we want to beat the development of Technology and Science, we must learn the English Language.
That is why the government makes the English Language becomes lesson in each study program either in diploma program or bachelor program. In junior and senior high school, the English Language become a prominent lesson so each student has to understand it if they want to pass in the National Examination. Using of the English Language has strong influence in citizen with the result that young ages children need to learn the English Language appropriately. The most important thing is understanding their environments. The English Language is used in TV programs, games, and books. For example when the children play game, they know the meaning of “pause”, “stop”, and “play”. Another significant thing is preparing the children in continuing their studies. When the students want to continue their studies to higher level, they are demanded to have a good skill in English. That is why they need to learn the English Language early to get maximum result. The children are counted on to get learning the English Language. Unluckily, this matter is not beaten by learning English language correctly.
Each child has potential to learn the English Language with the right way as they learn and understand their first languages. We are as a teacher has to understand the characteristic of children. Using the learning material and media has to support intended situation. For example, in teaching “what is your name?” the steps that can be done are; the first step is the teacher gives a dialog (video, demonstration, and reading). The video contains some dialogs that show statements like “Hello, what is your name?”, “My name is Nova. And you? What is your name?”, and “My name is Anik”etc. The next step is the teacher explains that she changed her name just now and ask the students to ask a question about her name and she will
answer their questions and ask their names in English Language. The third step is the teacher gives a new name to each students in an identity card. Asking the student to read, memorize, and set it flip over so their friends can not read it. Then the teacher ask all of students ask to their friends about their new names. Above all, the teacher can use this method to teach other material.
Pain and Power (1990) remind the teacher to pay attention in using The English Language in the class. In order the students can understand well such as, the first, the language must be simple and clear because the children of kindergarten cannot understand the language that has high level. The second, the teacher always support the students to use the English Language because the role of the teacher is very needed. The third, the teacher goes around the class to help the students that have any difficulties in order to make the students can understand the language well. The fourth, the teacher uses different technique and activity in order the students will not be bored. The fifth, the teacher gives freedom for the students to practice what that they have learned. The sixth, making a comfortable situation in order the students have a positive thinking in learning English Language. Therefore, as a teacher we have to know how to teach a material to our students.
The principal requirement of kindergarten students learn language is communication, so they can speak english well as supplies for their futures to face Era Globalization. Therefore learning English Language in kendergarten just memorize vocabularies as many as they can. As a teacher, we have to be able to teach English Language as well as possible. For example we have to teach how to communicate with other people naturally in order they will not forget the vocabularies easily. The mastery of many vocabularies can help the students understand other language.

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