Hissha stands for Hearty, Intelligent, Scrupulous, Sophisticated, Hilarious, and Art-minded. Hissha is from Japanese means writer. Paragraph Writing Class - English Learning and Teaching 2012 - State University of Malang

Nama   : Ramadhantra S.P
NIM    : 120221414978


I have my own room in my house. Its size is 3x3 metres, white colored wall and it is nice and cozy. I will describe it for you from I sit now, on my bed. In front of me there are two big clothes hanger, which are full of jackets, and my trousers. I rarely hang my clothes there, I usually just fold them or ironed them. Beneath them, there is a fan which I usually turn on when the weather is hot. The fan is adjacent to a power cable which is the main power connection of my room, and several boxes which contains books, hardwares, and the other stuff. The main door to my room is beside the power cable, it is a huge door for a small room like mine, so it looks contrast. I am now sitting on my bed, and behind me is a pile of books, college stuff like file folder, stationery, and chargers. Last one on left side. It is a packed area, all of big stuff, furniture, a bookshelf and even broken computers placed there. In the corner there placed a big wardrobe. It had been there since I moved to this room, so I use it. The bookshelf is placed between the wardrobe and the computers. It is packed with books, whether it is novels, comics, cassette, perfumes, and other stuff. Well to be frank, although my room is full of stuff, I always keep them in order, so that I can remember where I put them.


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