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The Importance of English in an Elementary School Education
English has an important role in the world as an international language. English is like a window to the world because by English you can learn about the world and you can get more information from the world. If you want to be a knowledgeable person, English is important to be learned. Having ability in English also will help the students to study because what he or she learned is not limited to the one in their country but also in the world. When we know the importance of English for life, we also know when the better time to learn English. English has several advantages when it has been taught since in an elementary school, three of which are elementary school age is a brilliant time to learn a second language, preparation English in the junior high school, and preparation to face the globalization era.
The first advantage is an elementary school age is a brilliant time to learn a second language. 6-13 years of age is the right age to learn a second language beside the mother language because at that age children have a good brain condition to receive something new. According to brain imaging technological research conducted in California, Los Angeles, children aged 6-13 years old who are commonly known as in critical periods, states that areas of the brain that organize a language skill has the most rapid growth. Giving them a second language needs some stages along with their ability. In grade 1 of an elementary school, we can tell them vocabulary that is near with their activity or environment with the pictures. For example, the teacher gives them a pictorial dictionary. In grade 2, we tell them a simple song in English and ask them to sing together. For example, the teacher asks children to sing a song twinkle-twinkle little star. In grade 3, we give them a simple game to guess something in English. For example, the teacher points a table then the teacher asks the students to guess what the name of that thing is. In grade 4, we tell them to write and read words in English correctly with the simple way. For example, the teacher shows the right spelling of word and tells how to pronounciate it. In grade 5, we teach them to make a simple sentence about what they doing are. For example, the teacher asks the students to make a simple sentence such as ‘I bring a book’. In grade 6, we teach them to speak English a little bit such as telling their family, hobby, and etcetera. For example, the teacher asks the students to tell about their hobby such as ‘My hobby is singing’.
The second advantage is preparation to face English in a junior high school. When the students have graduated from an elementary school, then they enroll to a junior high school, English is not strange anymore to them because they ever got an English lesson in the elementary school. In a junior high school, an English lesson is a compulsory subject and English is a foreign language so the student should learn it since in an elementary school to avoid difficulties. The most important thing of learning English is time. Students need a long time to understand the second language deeply so if they learn English in junior high school for the first time, it will be difficult for them. For example, a student needs a long time to comprehend the grammatical structures because he or she still does not have a basic ability related to those structures. The second prominent thing is patience. Students need to practice English everyday so they can master it well. For instance, a student will have a difficulty to speak English fluently if he or she does not practice every day. The last precious thing is that students must have a strong will to learn English. It is because the students who have a strong will they will not give up easily. For example, while the students are learning English, they are going to make a lot of mistakes so that they need a strong will to learn it.
The third advantage is preparation to face the globalization era. In this globalization era everyone is supposed to be competent and improve his or her quality in order to face the challenges of life. Learning English since elementary school has many good effects for the globalization era, one effect is they will be easy get a job because one of the requirements of every good job is have a skill in English. For example, someone who wants to apply in a big company he or she should have a good ability in English. Another effect is they will not become outdated because as the time goes by, science and technology will evolve and of course need English to learn. For example, if someone wants to get more information from internet, they need a skill in English most of the information in the internet is written in English.  Another effect is they will be readier to compete with others in the world as English is an international language. As we all know that the competition to get the better life in this world is not easy so that we need a special ability such as an English skill. For example, if someone wants to work in developed countries with higher salary he or she needs to have an English skill.
In brief, English as an international language is important for human’s life because it becomes a bridge between countries in the world to interact so that in this modern era we are supposed to learn English in order to face the challenges of life. Therefore, English is important in an elementary school education because the better time to learn a second language is at the age of elementary school. We can get the advantages of learning English since in an elementary school to get the better and easier life because English has become a crucial tool for continuing education, employment and social status

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