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Bad Time Yesterday
            Yesterday, I had a bad time. In the morning I was late to wake up because I forgot to set alarm in my mobile phone so I woke up at 6 a. m. I was confused because I had to arrive in a reading class at 7 a. m so I directly took a bath fast. At 6.30 a. m I finished take a bath, then I prepared all things that I had to bring because I had not prepared yet at night before. After that, I wanted to have breakfast but I realized that I did not have any food so I decided to make a noodle and ate it fast. At 7 a. m, I went to the college but when I arrived there, my lecturer had been there for several minutes. I was safe because my lecturer was not angry with me but I had a little problem again because I forgot to do my homework. I was safe again because my lecturer did not check my homework. At 12 a. m, I finished all of my classes yesterday. I felt free and wanted to go to my boarding house to take a rest but my friends came to me to ask doing our homework. I said that I was very tired and asked them to delay to do our homework but they could not because they had an appointment another day. In the middle of discussion, I felt so hungry but we had to finish our homework. At 3 p. m, we finished our homework. I was happy because finally I could go to my boarding house to take a rest. When I wanted to go, my friend called me and told that we had a make up for a listening class at 3 p. m. I felt upset because I could not take a rest again but I felt happy because my friend called me again and said that there was no make up for the listening class. Finally, at 3 p. m, I went to my boarding house to take a rest. In a nut shell, I had a busy day yesterday that made me so dizzy. Therefore, I must prepare all of things so that I feel ready to do some activities.
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