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Name   : Ramadhantra Sancaka Prawindra
NIM    : 120221414978

Block Similitaries, M4A3 Sherman and Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. H
Everyone knows about World War 2, a war so devastating that over 60 million lives lost as the result. The war witnessed the use of armored vehicles which are used for penetrating enemy lines in land combat. Most people who know the World War 2 recognized the two tanks that will be explained here. They are M4A3 Sherman and the PzKpfw IV Ausf. H. Both had seen in war especially in D-Day, Operation Overlord, the biggest invasion conducted by Allies in Normandy. Both tanks have their differences, but the similitaries is its main weapon. They used 75mm gun. Although they used the same weapon, the 75mm that the PzKpfw IVs have has 20% higher muzzle velocity than the Sherman’s. The theory means PzKpfw IVs are able to penetrate 92mm armor, whilst in the same range, Shermans can only penetrate 68mm armor. Next is the secondary weapon. They have two machine guns as the infantry support gun, such as suppressing and giving covering fire. One of the guns is placed coaxially on the top of the turret, for used by the commander or an additional infantry, and the other gun is placed in the right side of the front hull. They both are armoured vehicle, which means they are able to withstand ordinary bullet, such as 9mm, 5,56cm and 7,62cm. But they are both weak against 12,7 sized, .60 Panzerfaust, and anti-tanks such as American 57mm and the Germany PAK 43mm. The top armor are also thin, makes them overly vulnerable against Self-Propelled Gun and artilleries. Last one is the function. They are both used for infantry support, such as giving cover, covering and suppressing fire, and ambushing convoys. In a nutshell, both tanks are used for supporting infantry and for breaking enemy lines, but although they seem invulnerable, they still have things that should be fear or avoid.


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