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My Lovely Room

            My room is a small room that is very comfortable. It is a small rectangle room. It is a good place to take a rest when I feel tired after school and a best room to study. My bedroom is also a great place for doing all of things that I want and spend my spare time. When you open the door, you will see girly things in my room. The color of wall of my room is pink and there are some flower paintings on my wall which are made by me. When you enter in my room and look at the right side, you will see a bed at the corner. It is a small bed which is covered by red floral bed linen. There are two red pillows, a red blanket, and some dolls in my bed. At the right side near my bed, there is my desk which is full of things. On the right of my desk, there are frame pictures of my family and my friends so if I am studying in my desk it makes me full of spirit when I see their little sweet smile. On the left of my desk, there is a vase of flowers and a basket of stationery. I always put all of my books in my desk and also my make up tools because over of my desk there is a big mirror hung on the wall. Next to my desk, there is a wardrobe which I use to put all of my clothes. In front of my desk, there is a television. I always watch television in my spare time or when I feel bored to do something. And the last thing is there is a red carpet on the floor. In brief, there are a lot of things in my bedroom that help me to take a rest after my tiring day, it helps me to find a joy time by doing something in my spare time, and it helps me to save my important things. Therefore, I love my bedroom with a lot of things there.

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My room is a little room that is extremely agreeable. It is a www.essayplus.co.uk little rectangle room. It is a decent place to take a rest when I feel tired after school and a best space to consider. My room is likewise an extraordinary place for doing all of things that I need and invest my extra energy. When you open the entryway, you will see girly things in my room. In this manner, I adore my room with a ton of things there.

My most loved room in my home is effortlessly the best room, which is a room yet additionally a washroom, Essay Help with a major, wooden cut shower, two tremendous chimneys and a brought bit up in the corner for exhibitions. I've had some truly exquisite gatherings and verse readings up there. worship my stay with a huge amount of things there. such a stunning online journal, a debt of gratitude is in order for sharing, keep it up.

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