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MX Mall and MATOS Mall

          Do you know MX mall and Matos mall ? if you visit Malang city, you will find them. MX mall is beside Matos mall. Although they stand close together, but both of them have some different things. First of all, MX mall has two floors to the parking area. If you want to go in the parkir area, you can go through beside MX mall. Before you enter to park to the parking area, you must pay 2000 rupiah. The parking area to motorcycle is in the first floor and car is  in the first floor and second floor. Another thing is the facilities in MX mall. There are some restaurans which you can visit in the first floor. Besides you can also buy clothes and play games in the second floor. you can use a escalator to go up to the second floor because there is not a lift. The last thing is the building. The building is simple and not too big because there just little bit the store. There are just two floors with two escalators in the middle. Then, you can enter or exit through the doors which are on the front and the backside. In MATOS mall, the parking area consists of three floors. One of the three floors is used to the motorcycle, and the others are used to the car. You must pay 2500 rupiah before you enter to park. MATOS mall has a food stand and even there are department store and some clothing stores in the third floor. There are kinds of food, such as sea food, fried rice, and meat ball. In the second floor there is a bookstore that is called  Gramedia and also some clothing stores. Whereas in the first floor, you can find some stores that sell hand phones and laptops. I think, the building is big and large because there are four floors and each floor stand many stores. Well, it all is some different things between MX mall and MATOS mall. Maybe you will be interesting for them. Even you can know where the comfortable place to you visit.


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