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[ Order of Time ]

           Yesterday was an annoying day. It began when I woke up at four o’clock in the early morning. There were so many people in my boarding house and I did not know them even where they came from. One of my friends told me when I asked who they are. They were her friends and wanted to take a bath in my boarding house because the water in their boarding house was perfectly off. My boarding house became very noisy and it was very distinguish from the other day so I just when to the campus without taking a bath. The first class that I had was a reading class. I did not know if it was a reading class because the lecturer played music from her tape recorder and we just become a good listener until the class ended. I might be very sleepy at that time because the second class that I had was a PKn subject. Some of my friends did a presentation and made us watched their video. I might have been daydreaming. The third class was my last class yesterday. It was a grammar class and the lecturer suddenly gave us the result of our first quiz in the middle of the lesson. I guessed my score perfectly right. That was true, I only got six and I did not get my concentration until the lesson was finished. After the class ended, I went to the ESAC to do my assignment. I brought my laptop there and tried to connect it with the wi-fi. I really forgot that the wi-fi’s setting in my laptop was cut off by my senior high school’s friend. So I just read books and talked with my friends over there until ESAC was closed at three o’clock in the afternoon. At a half past three, I went to local D to attend big meeting of Legato but the meeting was canceled. It seems like I had waited for nothing. It was useless thing. Then I went home and took a bath and when I wanted to eat, my friend forgot to cook rice for me. She said sorry to me and I forgave her. The last thing that made my day was annoying was I can’t sleep until three o’clock in the early morning because I felt starving all night long. In brief, I had so many annoying events during yesterday from early morning until the end of the day. Therefore, I try to fill up my day with useful things and activities so I did not get any bored or annoying day again.


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