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         We believe that children learn English by using it in their daily activities especially in schools. Children will spend a lot of time to practice their ability through having an interaction with their friends. English is a language that is spoken around the world. Having all the four of English soft skills will help them to improve their knowledge. Children will have an additional information through study English, ease them to learn subjects in every grade of their schools. So, do we still assuming that they do not need to learn and study English ?
            Everything has a bad and good side also learning at the early age. We cannot see only the good side of something or the bad side of it. We have both to compare whether we are true or wrong. I am going to explain the advantages and the disadvantages of learning English for Children. I will mention three advantages from general point of view and also two points from the disadvantages. The first point from the advantages is well communication. They will have enough confidence while using English when they speak. It will develop an understanding that there is more than one way to interact with people. Second, they will have a great confidence. Children always discover new things, but learning a new language is uniquely rewarding. A second language can spur them on to a deeper and broader passion for learning in general. Third is the greater opportunity. Colleges nowadays place an increasingly high value on knowledge of more than one language. Children’s carrier opportunities will be greater in an increasingly globalised market. Then, I will spell out the two disadvantages of learning English. First, English is a language that is difficult to learn. English has a various words that sound one way and are spelled another. Words in a sentence can receive different stresses to change the meaning of the sentence. Second, learning English takes time. Learning English at the age of children is little difficult to practice because children tend to play rather than learning even a foreign language. They still do not understand that English is really important to learn from the early age for their bright future.
We can make our lives good if we do everything in its order. Everything that is put in order needs steps. So, steps are really important things we have to look to get a perfect destination or goal. For further explanation, I am going to elaborate four steps that parents can use to lead their children in learning English. First, get used to communicate with English. “Could be due to normal”, it should be kept in parents’ minds who want to teach their children an English language at the early age. The solution is parents have to buy books which include simple conversation in English. Second, teach your children many vocabularies in English. For example, at the time your child was thirsty, parents give their child drink and said it in English as “milk”. If parents do this often, children will get used to hearing that word and know what does it means. Of course children will know more than the others. Third, if children love to watch cartoons, find a cartoon which uses English language. The funny films and interesting pictures are definitely like by children. Fourth, if parents have a computer in their home, try to teach children trough the iconic that is stated in programs. For instance, word ‘save’, and the function of it is to save your file or work. Gradually, children will know and remember that “save” is to keep our work or file in the computer.
            The last thing that I want to inform is the differences between children who learning English and children who do not. I will pick three differences of them. First, children who learn English have more high confidence than children who do not. Children who learn English are able to get many achievements from inside or outside of the school. For they who do not will stuck in their area because they only know one way to speak. Second, children who learn English will be more talk-active than they who do not. That is why the children who do not learn English keep their selves silent when someone speaks different languages especially English. They might be known what someone is talking about but it will be a hard thing for them to answer or to communicate because of the limitation of their knowledge in English. Third and the last thing is children who learn English have a great curiosity in their environment. Usually, children who know more about something will do more to get something others they are going to know. In this case, children who learn English in their early age often have many things to be asked. They force people around them to explain why the things could happen, why it could be like this, why it is important or why it is not. They are more attractive than children who do not learning English.
            To sum up, there are three factors why children should learn English. Three of which are children will get many advantages, there are many easy steps to practice English, and the last but not least is they will be different from other who do not learn English at the early age. That could be the reasons for parents to dig up their children’s ability in four English soft skills. It is an important thing not only for parents but also for children to learn English because the sooner the better. Children still have good memory to memorize many things when they learn something. The memory will stick up in children’s mind although they are growing up. Besides, adults have low opportunities to learn because it will be hard for them to remember vocabularies in English. There are also many good causes and effects why children should learn English, four steps that parents should know, and the differences between children who learn English and they who do not.  They will get many advantages of it. So, from now on let the children be the one who start to lead others to get a bright future.

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I truly like your strategy about Study English. As per my instructor, the most perfectly awesome approach to learn English is to encompass you with it. Take notes in English, put English books around your room, and tune in to English dialect radio communicates, watch English news, films and Buy Assignment Online. Communicate in English with your companions at whatever point you can. The more English material that you have around you, the quicker you will learn and the more probable it is that you will start "thoughts in English."

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