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Anjaa’a Birrqiy
Shannon Stewart
            Have you ever watched an American television show ‘American Next Top Model’, especially the cycle one or the cycle seventeen? Do you notice there is one model who always keeps her faith? Shannon Niquette Stewart was born on 6 June 1984, in Franklin, Ohio, USA.  Since she was a child, she has learned about her belief well as her family is devouted Christian.  She used to go to church with her parents.  In 1996, even though she went to a public school, she had never done like most of teenagers in USA usually do.  She has never been into drugs, alcoholic drinks, smoking and free sex.  We know the fact that many teens usually have a love relationship with the opposite gender.  Having a boyfriend or girlfriend is very common or almost a must in USA.  That never happened to Shannon.  She said that she believed God prepared her special and only for her future husband.  Moreover, she thinks that having a special love relationship before marriage is a kind of lowering the standard as a woman.  In 2002 she had the chance to join ‘American Next Top Model’ cycle one.  The thing which made her phenomenal was her dedication to her faith.  She was one of two models who refused to do a nude photoshoot.  She even said that she regretted ever having a sexy photoshoot.  However, she did not do the last photoshot, she placed as runner-up because of her natural talent as a model.  Few years later, in 2007 she was married to Matthew Rattliff who is devouted Christian, too.  Later, in 2011 she was invited to came back on ‘American Next Top Model’ cycle seventeen also known as all-stars edition.  Once again she made a controversy.  It happened when she had to do a photoshoot which asked her to wear underwear.  Since she is married, she has become more polite on how to dress.  Definitely, she refused to do that photoshoot.  She said only her husband who could see her in that kind of suit.  After that she still works in modeling business with her strict rules such as no working on praying day and no modeling for negative things like alcoholic drinks.  In addition, since she left from ‘American Next Top Model’, she has been trying to be a writer, a speaker, and a host.  In brief, Shannon Stewart is a multi-talented model who cares about her faith.  Therefore, we have to believe that nothing is worth your faith to trade for.


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