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Poster “Sastraswati”
            When you look at an announcement board, what is it that interests you? What kind of poster attracts you? I have one poster about an event which is very impressive.  I think you want to know why that poster is impressive to me.  The most important thing that makes that poster impressive is the main picture which is right in the middle of the poster and under the title.  The main picture shows about how the event will be like.  We can see there is a stage with a band performance and then, in front of the stage there is a big crowd of people.  Although we cannot see their faces, we can say they seem to enjoy the performance and are having fun.  The picture is in cartoon types and looks like it is taken from a higher position.  What I like about the main picture is that the cartoon picture is eye-catching.  The next prominent thing which impresses me is the title “Sastraswati”.  At first I thought the title was “Saraswati” which reminds me of a fictional hero character, Saras 008.  Then I read it carefully and know that is actually “Sastraswati”.  I think that the word “Sastraswati” is a good word choice.  Moreover, the title has a cute font style.  When you look at the poster I am sure you will cacth the title which is big enough to cacth by your eyes.  The least noticeable thing that I think it can fascinate people to read the poster is the word “gratis”.  In English “gratis” means “free”.  In other words it means that we do not need to pay to be in that event.  You cannot deny that something that is free has a plus point.  I honestly say that word makes me want to read more about the announcement in that poster.  Finally, we can conclude that “Sastrawati” poster has some important things which make it look impressive and attract you to read more what is it in the poster.  In addition, it is a very good idea to come to an event especially if it is free.

Anjaa’a Birrqiy


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