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Name   : Ramadhantra Sancaka P.
NIM    : 120221414978

A Good Day

Yesterday was a good day, all of the activities I did were fun and beneficial to me. First, I woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning, at that time my mother was cooking a special fried rice for breakfast. I then volunteered to help her cooking. Luckily, she told me a special recipe that had been inherited from generation to generation. Of course I was so happy, I promised to myself to try the recipe when my family held a gathering. Next, when I was in campus, I had good times too, the materials and lessons were surprisingly exciting, and at noon, I managed to conduct a download feast in ESAC. I downloaded all I wanted while the WiFi had only a few visitors. At night, my cousins who were living in Jakarta came to visit us after they attended their newly-wed friend’s party. They bought delicious food, such large quantities served in my house. Of course we ate them. All of them. After that we laughed together by watching Opera van Java, we played together until midnight, and did anything that brought us fun. That is why I still feel some itches in my joints. Last but not least, still at the same day, my brother from Bali sent me a package, with a message to use it wisely, and I thought “What?”. When I opened it, it contains lots of DVDs, either games or movies. It was just... Wow. Another good day in my life.


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