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Anjaa’a Birrqiy (120221414959)

My Lovely Room
            Everyone has a favourite private room.  I have had my private room in my house since I was in 5th grade.  My room is not really big and most of the furniture made of wood.  When you walk through the door which is brown, you will find a window on the right side of the door.  The window cannot be closed because it has no lock.  In front of the window, there is a small table.  It is about 50cm and 30cm. I put some books on that wooden table.  Next to the small table, you can find the most favourite spot of mine on that room.  That is where my desk is placed.  With a chair against the table, I often spend my time there do my homework, read books, listen to music, and watch movies.  Above my desk I have a shelf.  A wooden shelf where I put my other books.  The shelf has six small compartment for books.  Across the window and beside my desk, there is a spot for my bed.  My bed has a headboard made of wood.  To me, my bed is very comfortable as it is medium sized and soft enough.  There are one pillow, one bolster, one blanket and a turtle doll on my bed.  In addition, I usually put some other things in my bed such as laptop and trousers.  Close to my bed about 20 cm on the right side is my wardrobe.  I think my wardrobe is big enough because it is a two-door wardrobe.  My wardrobe also made of wood.  I like to stand in front of my wardrobe because of a big mirror on the surface on each of the door of the wardrobe so that I can look at my reflection in the mirror.  Then, right next to the wardrobe is a hanger for my clothes.  If I am still going to wear my clothes again then I just need to hang them before they go to laundry.  That is a little description about my lovely room.  If you do not have a big enough room either, I suggest to arrange it simply and do not put too much furniture in your room.


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