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High School VS University

          Learning English in high school and university seems to be the same, but actually it is quite different. There are few differences between learning English in high school and university, three of which are learning materials, student willingness, and teaching method.  The first is learning materials. Learning material in high school is different than learning material in university. In high school, students only learn Basic English like greeting, tenses, and learning basic vocabulary, while in university, student learn advanced English such as paragraph writing, speaking for informal interaction, and literal reading. The second is student willingness. High school students are forced to come to the class. Willing or not they must study and come to class, if not teacher or parent will scold them. On the other hand, university students must be independent. Lecturers did not care as much as high school students, whether student come to class or not it highly depend on student willingness to study. The third is teaching method. Teachers in high school give much guidance to their students. They explain their material thoroughly and tend to explain all of the material to their student, while in the university, lecturer tend to let their student explore the material. University students are expected to explore the material, not only in classes but also outside of classes. Those are the differences between learning English in high school and in university. However, in spite of the differences, it also has lots of similarities. In high school we learn Basic English in order to improve our English language capability. Even though it seems that high school students only learn Basic English, they have to learn and understand it if they want to improve their English. Not only learning and understanding Basic English, high school students must also have the willingness to study English. Even if it only learning Basic English if they did not have the willingness to learn it, they will never able to learn it. Nevertheless, learning English in high school, no matter the students is willing or not, no matter they understand it or not, it is a part of formal study. Formal study is a study activity that is conducted in class and is monitored by the government. That is learning English in high school, now let discuss about learning English in university. Learning English in university seems to be different and more advanced. However, it actually has the same purpose, which is to improve English capability. However, first we must understand the basic of learning English in high school. Not only that, university students must also have the willingness to study or they will give up on studying English and stop it half way or might not learn anything at all. The last similarity that we are going to discuss is about formal study. Studying English in university is also a part of formal study. We come to classes and is also supervised and follow the rule made by The government. Those are the similarities and differences of learning English in high school and university. It has similarities, but not completely similar. It has differences, but not completely different.


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