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[Cause Effect]

          Doing something excessively is not good for us. Even you love it too much. One of the examples is too much watching TV programs. I will take an example of the children. Actually, there are a lot of advantages we can get from TV programs. If we are smart viewers, we ought to classify the good and bad effect of watching television. I am going to highlight the bad and good effects of it. There are five points from the bad and four points from the good. First is the bad effect. One, children who like watching television could become lazy through the time because they spent a lot of their time watching television. The second effect is lack of concentration. Based on research, children who watch television programs up to five hours in a day will get the distraction that he can be able to focus in one thing. The third effect is problem in sight. There are many cases happened in children lives. They start to wear glasses in another reason of heredity. It is bad for them. The fourth effect is they always want to imitate everything that was done by the actress or actor in TV programs. It is ok if they do the good one, if not it becomes a big disaster. They could become so cruel in daily life. The last bad effect is stay up late. They will be easy to sacrifice their time just for watching television. That is from the bad side. Now, I will elaborate the good effect of watching too much TV programs. One, TV programs give us much information. So it depends on how we gather the information from TV programs because there are so many implicit values. The second good effect is a modern life style especially food and clothing. It cannot be denied that lifestyle of children nowadays are too oriented to the advertisement in TV program. It is good for them if they can sort out which one is deserve to be followed. The Third effect is become creative. As we know many advertisements in TV programs are very creative with indirect implicit moral values. The fourth effect is refreshing. After doing daily activities, they will be tired so they need entertainment to refresh their mind. Briefly, watching too much television is not good all the time. It still has several bad effects which can prevent us from getting better reasons of watching TV programs. Therefore, if you love doing something just do it as usual in a common way.


يمكنك الان التواصل مع اكبر توكيل سامسونج العالمي من خلال رقم صيانة سامسونج الذي يعمل مراكز صيانة سامسونج الكبري والمميزة في اعمال صيانة الاجهزة الكهربائية .

There square measure several cases happened in youngsters lives. they begin to wear glasses in one more reason of heredity. it's dangerous for them. The fourth result is that they continually wish to imitate everything that was done by the histrion or actor in TV programs. it's ok if they are doing the nice one, if not it becomes an enormous disaster assignment writing service.

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