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My House
            Everybody knows that house is a good place in his or her life because it is place to shelter. My house is my comfortable place for me. It is a good place for me and my family because there we usually do our daily activity. When you look at my house, you will see a square house and it have two sides because there is a barrier in the middle of my house. In the first right side of my house, you will see my store which sells a lot of equipment. Behind my store, there is my room where I use to sleep and do all of things that I want to do. Behind my room, there is my sister room but now my sister does not sleep in her room because she lives with her husband in their own house. In front of my room, there is my parents’ room between a living room and a family’s room. There are tables, chairs, and cupboard in the living room. At the second right side of my house, you will see a mosque between a garage and a dining room.  Near the dining room, there is a kitchen for cooking some meals. Next to kitchen, there are two bath rooms. In brief, my house is a comfortable place with many rooms that helps my daily life. Therefore, keep our house clean so that we feel comfortable to live in our house.

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