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            In this globalization era, there has been so many kinds of transportations, which are useful in human’s life. A car is one of them.  This is an example of car transportation that I saw in front of my class some days ago. When I looked out the windows, I found two cars were parked near my class.  They are Avanza and Ertiga. At a glance, they looked similar. However, they are different in several things. First of all, I will tell you about the similarity of those cars. I have divided it into three identical parts: interior, exterior, and function. Avanza and Ertiga are equal in their interior. They have two seats in front, which are on the right side on the driver’s seat and the left on the passenger, three seats in the middle, and threebackseats that can be folded. The position of the rear view mirror, steering wheel, gearshift, and the handbrake are also similar. They are in the front, surely near the driver’s seat. For the entertainment media, they have a built-in audio system and an air conditioner like most modern car in common. Next, the exterior of Avanza has similarity with Ertiga. Both cars are minivan. Avanza’s trunk is at the back and so is Ertiga. The hood of those cars is in front, where the engines are.  The codes of their license plates, which show car area, are the same. That is N for Malang city. Last, the function of Avanza is just the same as Ertiga. They are types of family car so they are suitable for travelling. Conversely, they cannot be driven for travelling over rough ground. To sum up, Avanza and Ertiga are alike in several ways. In other hand, those cars had some differences, which can be classified in four aspects; those are brand name, colour, price, and plate number.   The first dissimilarity which is very clear, is the brand name.  The car on the right side is Toyota Avanza.  We can find the brand name on the backside of the car’s body.  It is on the left side and below the back screen.  While the other car on the left side is Suzuki Ertiga.  The easiest way to know the brand name is by looking for it on the backside of the car’s body.  You will see the word “Ertiga” as the brand name of the car.  The next distinction between those two cars is the colour.  We can see it clearly.  Toyota Avanza is the one with a black colour.  In a contrast, Suzuki Ertiga has a silver colour.  From the price, we can also find the difference.  Toyota Avanza is worth about Rp 170.000.000.  Whereas Suzuki Ertiga has a price which is a little bit more expensive, it is about Rp 175.000.000. The other dissimilarity from those two cars is the number plate.  The number plate of Toyota Avanza is N 1846 CJ.  On the other hand, Suzuki Ertiga’s number plate is N 386 GC.  In brief, although those cars have equality in some aspects, they will have different features due to their different brand name and price so that customers are supposed to choose their own transportation selectively.


How about Nissan Grand Livina?

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