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English ability

                   We all know that English is international language. Nowdays English has been the trend for some young people. Even they are racing to learn English so that they are able to speak English ability. There are some causes of the English ability. First cause is motivation. Motivation is usually a strong desire to master the English ability. I think, many students in Indonesia have the desire of seeing the benefits of the English ability for future study and career. But the pretension alone will not be enough because the strong pretension must be accompanied by a strong desire also to realize it. That is, they must be willing to do all what it takes to turn that desire into reality, whatever hurdles that they face. The second cause is  the learning strategies. The learning strategies help us to make English easier. We can more focus and master English correctly. Besides, the learning strategies will give us a direction where we must begin learning English. English have four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and speaking so that each kind of skills requires a different way of the learning. How to learn speaking skills, for example: the speaking skills are different from how to learn the read skills. However, many people who do not know the English skills which they want to master. It is worsened by the assumption that the way to learn the four skills that are same. When they cannot master successfully one kind of language skills, they assume that they have failed in all the skills and assume they cannot speak the language. So we necessary use the learning strategies. The third cause is environment. If we are a environment that support our English ability, such as in school, course, and etc, we can increase our English ability. In school or course we can practice English with our friends. Even learning English, accompanied by a teacher becomes easier to master  English because there are people who guide and correct our mistakes in using English. But sometimes we feel less satisfied with the English lessons in the school and the course because the teaching is less maximum, we still can learn English autonomously through Internet, books, magazines, films, videos, audio tapes, etc. Therefore, if we want to master English correctly, we must know causes that can give effect positive to our English ability.



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