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My home

Home is a place where we live in, especially with our family. Well, I want to tell you about my home. My home is big enough and plesant. When you walk through door which is from the living room, on the left side you will find my older brother’s bedroom. Then, next to the bedroom is a bathroom. My older brother’s room is actually as wide as my younger brother’s bedroom. Behind a big cupboard that is 3m x 2,5m in the living room, you can find a family room. The family room is simple. There are a small sofa which is only about 1,5m x 1,5m and a cupboard for TV. I watch TV and get on together with my family in the family room. Usually, I see my mother who is cooking from the family room because next to the family room is a kitchen. The kitchen is a little bit bigger than the family room. In the middle of kitchen, there are a kitchen table and four kitchen chairs. Besides, there are a cabinet on the wall and a counter that is about 3m x 2m under the cabinet. Beside the kitchen, on the left side is a bedroom. It is my younger brother’s bedroom. Beside that the bedroom is a bathroom. Near the bathroom is a prayer room. Next to the prayer room, there are two rooms. One of the two rooms is my bedroom. My bedroom is only 3m x 3m. I have a garden across from my bedroom. My father plants some fruit trees, such as a star fruit, a papaya and a dragon fruit in the garden. On the left corner you will find my parents’ bedroom. My parents’ bedroom is bigger than mine as it is 4,5m x 4m. That is all about my house which is big enough and plesant. I think, it is good to have a big house especially if your family is big enough.


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