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Anjaa’a Birrqiy
English Ability
Have you ever learned a foreign language? English is one kind that most people learn, it can be easy or difficult, depends on some causes.  First, we talk about the causes from the inside of the learners, three of which are interest, intention and self motivation.  Interest must be the most important reason why people can have a good ability in English.  If we have a strong interest in English, we will learn it sincerely so that our English ability is good.  We will never learn without any interest as it is the first reason why we want to make our English ability better.  Beside inerest, intention has an important contribution to our English ability.  Intention is a will inside ourselves.  We cannot learn English well if we have no intention or less intention to learn it, so it is not too much to say that intention is needed to improve our English ability.  The other cause is self motivation.  It helps us a lot when we feel bored or having difficulties at learning English.  We need to motivate ourselves and always focus on our goal to increase our English ability.  Another view point that also influence our English ability is coming from the outside of the learners.  Environment condition, materials, and external motivation are three main reasons to make our English ability better.  Environment has a strong influence to our English ability by forcing us to behave as what it is.  English learners should have an environment situation that supports them to speak in English most of the time.  That kind of environment is very helpful for their English ability.  When we learn English we definitely need materials related to English.  The more English materials that we learn the better our English ability is.  Supportive materials about English help us to exercise.  The last point which cause our English ability that comes from the outside is external motivation.  External motivation is something that becomes the reason why we want to upgrade our English ability such as parents’ desire, job necessity or any others.  When we feel down and cannot motivate ourselves, external motivation might ease our boredome.  In brief, we can find so many causes that have contributions to our English ability.  Thereofore, we should know what we need to benefit our ability.


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